Monday, February 16, 2015

The Top 5 Best Things I've Discovered While Being Stoned

1. You're incredibly happy.

I'm not talking happy, I mean other worldly happy. My doctors always told me that I suffered from depression, and I guess I never really recognized it until I tried pot.

2. Everything is also exponentially more funny.

I'll use what happened to me the other day as a perfect example. My mom was going out to a concert. (Madness, I know.) She sent me a text message that she needed help getting her boot on. Since she'd broken her ankle, she's had a little trouble. I went up to help her and became virtually useless about 2 minutes in because I was cry-laughing at the fact that I couldn't get her boot on.

3.Laffy Taffy and Tootsie Rolls feel like magic on your teeth.

I'm serious. Try it.

4. You want to try every recipe you've ever wanted to try, ever will try, or never want to try.
I've looked back at my "Recipes" section on Pinterest and thought to myself, "Yeah I would never eat that." LAST NIGHT I WANTED TO. I've also experimented. I thought a bagel and cream cheese with turkey on it would have been good. It wasn't.

5. It's a highly effective sleeping medicine.


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  1. I gained a shitload of weight though but it was totally worth it. Sleep feels great!